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Posted by deltaruler at Jul 8, 2012 2:23:03 PM
Re: Delta Rating System
Deltaruler will probably ignore this but oh well, anyway:

Overall, I find this very time-consuming and complex, if not difficult. In general, I like to think that if you wish to store some pirate's accomplishments for the historical purpose, you can always create a page of that particular pirate in YPPedia. Some of this is already done in-game automatically, in the form of trophies (for example experience ones, like 'Broad Bilger' which will always stay in your trophy collection as a memory of you reaching 'Broad' in bilging).

Also, the abbveriations 'P.O.O.P.' and 'U.P.O.O.P.' are rather gross (because 'poop' is that thing that is filtered in-game to 'barnacle' and 'u poop' can be read 'you poop').

I can't clean up your way of thinking, however i could put in action extra efforts to rename and make new images only if there is people wishing to use the system. Abbreviation is your last concern. Don't worry about the time-consuming and the complexity comes from personal abilities... Version 1 and 4 are special for advanced usage, so the established ranking lists will use versions 2 and 3. Isn't hard to find 5 good crews or flags to start from somewhere... As for the ignorance - Notsizzly, i didn't ignored you. Thank you to improve the presentation of my intentions.
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