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Posted by deltaruler at Jul 8, 2012 12:20:09 PM
Delta Rating System
Recently i had real issues and far from home without internet i had more time to think about the game in general. I am not sure what will be the response, whatever i present to you my work and i wish rational feedback. The System, which i created and posted on YPPedia is based on the official rankings. I know that the particular delta points are disputable, but i believe there will be someone who could take this seriously and i hope some of you could develop new Third-party tool or just to adapt already existing one to make the calculations easier. I expect suggestions about the delta points and their amount...

The main way to start any calculations is to make screenshots concerns the specific version of Delta Rating System. Probably one special gallery with all threaded with calculations pictures (screenshots) could be useful on YPPedia, if it's possible.
Personally i feel that the game has enough rankings and thinking of another official one is kind of pointless effort. However probably it's just me and my mind and I'll keep using this system to improve my own visions, plans and actions.

I love YPP mostly because it's open-ended game, but from the historical point of view i wish the game to improve some way to remember the best achievements and all best performances . It's good to keep walking forward, but if the past is lost and forgotten the whole meaning of the game becoming less attractive and only the present status is measure for all old and new players.

I am faraway from the best players and I'll never reach 30% of their achievements, so any voices about that i am making another 'show off' thread or ranking could be simply describe as childish fighting. Despise all possible negative opinions i wish you fair winds!
"Real life made me to respect people in games faster. Games made me to mute people in real life easier."

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