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Posted by Chavez67 at Jul 4, 2012 7:37:25 AM
Re: The Higgs Boson!
Anyone want to explain what this is in English for me?

There's three kinds of particles. There's the stuff that makes up matter (quarks), there's the stuff that carries charge (leptons, such as the electron), and there's the stuff that acts as carriers for the forces, which sorta jump between the other particles and help them interact. There's one particle for each force, such as the electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces, etc.

This Higgs Boson thing is the force-particle that jumps around and gives other particles their mass, so it's pretty integral in trying to explain how to incorporate gravity into particle physics. Until now, nobody could really work out how gravity played into everything.

The really interesting thing about this discovery, honestly, is that typically experiment drove the boat in particle physics. We'd find something new and weird and then have to try and explain it with theory. This is the other way around - we figured out it was there first, with theory, and then went and discovered it exactly where we thought it'd be.

Anybody else see Stephen Hawking lost a hundred dollar bet over this thing?
I did it.
It was me.

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