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Posted by Vetarnian at May 29, 2012 1:30:57 PM
Re: The elitism of Puzzle Pirates
People are only criticizing you and Vetarnian because this was brought to the forums and the blame was placed on supposedly "elitist" jobbers, instead of taking the blame for a bad pillage yourselves, which occurred due to a lack of proper officer training.

By all means, let us not bring this up to the forums. For all the talk of how poker, or "bad bad bnavin" has been killing the game since forever, the elitism and class divide of this game is precisely the problem.

Blame for a bad pillage must go to the battle navigator, you say? Is it always the case? What about those half-full ships that leave port because every additional minute gives you two leaving jobbers for every one you attract?

This morning, I jobbed in a flotilla. We went in once, and the bnaver -- who, without naming him, is senior to the extent that he is currently governing an island -- had to get out again because he lost his gunners. Sure enough, as soon as he was out, the ship emptied itself, even though he had clearly indicated he was re-jobbing to go back in. We spent an hour at the league point, waiting to get enough people, and this was in a WB. He went in, and still didn't have enough jobbers; in the end, he tired and decided to go in a blaze of glory.

Based purely on the loot, it was a waste of time, but the bigger waste of time was to waste an hour waiting for something that was a foregone conclusion: we were never going to go back in there and be competitive. I suspect the only reason why the bnavver decided to enter the flotilla a second time was to avoid giving the impression that our time had been wasted. But it was. If all those jobbers who had come aboard had stayed aboard, we would have entered the flotilla within 20 minutes with a full crew.

See what I mean? It wasn't "bad bad bnavin", but it was a waste of time also. And it wasn't the bnaver's fault; you can't make bricks without straw, and the straw was too busy chasing the mighty PoE now now now!
Vetarnian on Emerald, ex-Hunter.

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