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Posted by elbeejay at May 29, 2012 7:16:12 AM
Re: The elitism of Puzzle Pirates
Well here's the thing Murdyll, nobody would have criticized your crew or your way of running things if your buddy Vetarnian didn't come to the forums talking about the supposed "elitism of Puzzle Pirates," and how elitists are what spoiled that pillage for your friend.

People are only criticizing you and Vetarnian because this was brought to the forums and the blame was placed on supposedly "elitist" jobbers, instead of taking the blame for a bad pillage yourselves, which occurred due to a lack of proper officer training. Sure, you can promote people and let them run pillages and do as they please before training them. But when you do that, don't come running to the forums and blaming the jobbers for leaving a poorly run pillage. Instead, you should acknowledge the drawbacks of promoting people without officer training, and understand that poorly run pillages may very well be one of those drawbacks.

There are and will be elites and elitists in all games, but I don't think they are to blame in this situation.
-Elbee on Hunter, Sage, Viridian, and Malachite

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