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Posted by Murdyll at May 29, 2012 6:29:57 AM
Re: The elitism of Puzzle Pirates
it was no fault of mine nor Vetarnian's that the officer was too eager to wait for training

So you think that you, a Captain/Monarch, and Vetarnian, a Senior Officer/Royal, who are both in positions of authority have no responsibility for this. Instead, you blame it all on the officer that you took the effort to promote before you knew they were trained. Well, I guess that is better than shirking responsibility and blaming the jobber like Vetarnian did.

I anyone shocked that the name of their flag is "Instant Gratification"?

Honestly, this kind of response is probably what Vetarnian is referring to when he mentions "elitism".

See, our crew is small. It's tight-knit, and I know a number of the crew members in real life, including the officer I rudely promoted. We're not professional pillagers; it's a crew of friends, not a business. So, I'm not going to deny one of my best friends his officer position for a few days because I didn't make doubly sure he knew not to use the notice board. He was, by the way, told on numerous occasions that we'd take him out for training a few days later. He erred, and hired from the notice board; it's a faux pas.

But that's not the point here. It's all a game to us, yet you speak as if it isn't. As if we are morally reprehensible people for allowing such an injustice to occur. Jobbers aren't forced to hang around if they feel a pillage going bad, and you know they rarely will. The elitism I'm seeing here, it's almost like you don't want us to play in your sandpit. I know the analogy you'll draw here is that we've come in to your sandpit to mess up all your castles; but a more accurate analogy would be that we've built our own castle, and people like you come along and tell us it's crap.

Here's the kicker: I am not a real Captain. I am not a real Monarch. The only authority I have exists in your sandpit, and I am deeply offended that you feel I am a worse person for the promotion I gave. One that I had originally thought was a good deed.

As for "Instant Gratification", yeah, that's a joke. We wanted a flag of our own so we could stay out of matters of war, and the title seemed appropriate at the time.
Murdyll of Hunter Ocean

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