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Posted by SchwaWarrior at May 28, 2012 5:00:43 PM
Re: The elitism of Puzzle Pirates
The game has degenerated to the point where experienced players job with each other by invitation only while new players get on both sides of the NB and treat each other with disdain in the process, which sometimes drives the more inexperienced away from the game.

This is why IMO it's vitally important to do the best job we "elites" or even "elitists" can at TRAINING the greenie or novice players into experienced players, who get as much bang for their puzzling skill they can and bring out their potential (we're not all skilled enough to get Ult at everything, perhaps, but the other day I taught a newbie that in Bilging you score higher by taking time to look for combos rather than turbo-clearing everything as fast as he can... and lo and behold, that same hour he hit his first Excellent ever ^^ so that's what I'm getting at), not to mention get them to the point where they do in fact have a network of friends and contacts, like us.

There's a huge gap between greenie and elite in this game, huger than it ought to be. That gap's not going to go away. But that doesn't mean something can't be done about it. It'd be a wonderful thing to see some serious leadership being done to take those from the greenie side of the gap over to the elite side, by inspiring them to do the same kind of hard work we all did to get to the side we're on, with our examples and our advice. We don't want to see perfect puzzlers, we just want to have fun playing this game with other people, am I wrong?

To me it seems all the OP is doing is complaining and whining about it. OP, don't do that, you're only part of the problem! >_< Instead, go over all the things the greenie-pillager in your crew did "wrong", and help him improve those things.

I agree, Bnav in the navy sucks; you only learn true Bnav by struggling alongside real human beings that are supporting you, making mistakes that they cover for and vice versa. Anyone can move a ship on the Bnav board without effort. Nobody can pillage without effort or compassion. :) And no, it has nothing to do with stats; my Solid/Master could often be considered "greenie" by a lot of elites, but like most seasoned pillagers, there are days I can pull 11 to 1 victory/loss ratio on a sloop, and there are days where I was damn lucky to pull even a 2 to 2 ratio. Or, sometimes I read their moves wrong and get instagrappled and we get our butts kicked because of me. But when that happens, the Navy doesn't teach you how to smile the pain away and say "Sorry about that guys, you all still did great", or what to do when most of your jobbers leave in battle, or things like that. A pillage isn't about Bnav, it's 99% about leadership. And as a more experienced player, it ought to be your job to instill leadership in the greenies, so they can be like you eventually, hard-working for their own sake and willing to help other people because their heart is in the game.

If you can't commit to those things, then in my opinion, you should NOT be an Officer, here or anywhere. That's my "inner elitist" speaking, but I've given reasons for it, so take it or leave it. :)

Also, if pillaging is hard, drink coffee. Coffee fixes EVERYTHING!
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