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Posted by marundel at May 28, 2012 3:43:45 PM
Re: The elitism of Puzzle Pirates
Just thought I'd throw in my two cents, since I have a couple minutes to kill...

I'm one of those folks who at one time had a fairly decent reputation as a pilot. I ran regular weekly pillages on WBs where 9 or 10 wins for 10 to 12 battles was the norm, and earnings ran around 2500-3500 per hour for jobbers (Cobalt) - a little higher for the hangers-in because I +1'd anyone who stayed on for the whole three hours. I'd also run shorter sloop pillages now and then, and regularly pulled in 4 or 5 wins and 0 or 1 loss with a decent return and usually 1 KB (which I sold and deposited in the booty.) I was also regularly requested for blockades.

Then the population started to dwindle... and this is when I saw the "class warfare" start to really polarize. I was never a rock star, and not what anyone would call "elite". I was recognized by many and known to be a decent bnavver, but I was barely above average - Ren to GM, average 10 mins per battle, average to below average return on SMH or flotilla... but steady, fair, and generous.

Yet, by early 2010 I could no longer load a WB for a 10-battle pillage on a Tuesday night. By late 2010, I could no longer load a baghla. By early 2011, even my sloop pillages were reduced to exactly the kind of jobber Vetarian speaks about in his OP. Now, keep in mind... this is with me winning 5/5, 5/6 on yellow routes, with a KB or two on most runs... I still dealt with the "I wanna gun or I'm not pillaging with you" types, the "you suck at bnav because you took 10 minutes to max and grapple" types, and the "I don't care if we're dead in the water, I'm not giving up my favorite station for anything" types... this is on top of the jobbers leaving in the middle of battle or just disappearing along the route without so much as a "thanks for the job".

Bottom line is two-fold:
- Most of my hearties either wanted to run their own pillages rather than job on someone else's; or they preferred CI, HS, and Atlantis to any pillage, or they were already promised to some rock star whose stats I would never be able to compete with on a red route, flotilla, or SMH.
- Most of the NB jobbers were more interested in quick profits, TH, or a random shot at a familiar than in enjoying a 5, 6, ...10 battle pillage with half-decent return on investment.

The game has degenerated to the point where experienced players job with each other by invitation only while new players get on both sides of the NB and treat each other with disdain in the process, which sometimes drives the more inexperienced away from the game.

I no longer run pillages - except for that rare occasion when I am moving a sloop from one port to another and decide to try to make a few PoE along the way. Even then, I am solo more than not. I've done one NB pillage in the last six months. It lasted 7 LPs, and I had a changeover of non-flag jobbers after every single battle. No more. My rating has descended below Master because of my lack of interest in wrestling with jobbers, with the NB, or with competing bnavvers.

Oh - and I'm in a crew that does train new officers before releasing them on the ocean - it doesn't really seem to make a difference in their experiences or my own.

OOO - Listen Up. Your dream of seaborn activities being a part of the social experience in this game only applies to a precious few. Give it up already. I'm spending $500 a year playing here - how about giving me 24 swabbies for my WB so I can start enjoying flotilla bnavving again?!?
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