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Posted by bronzebeard at May 28, 2012 9:39:28 AM
Re: The elitism of Puzzle Pirates
Rude person originally from rudest ocean complaining about rudeness. How odd.

Rudest ocean, was it? Oh, maybe its elites -- Hunter used to have a strong contingent of Something Awful goons, did it not? -- but I found little to complain about amidst the regular players of the server.

Aye, it was easily the rudest, simply comparing it to the other oceans. There were polite people and rude people on Hunter, as there are on each ocean, but the rude people were the majority. Being pleasant is nothing to do with elites or elitism, as other oceans had those sorts of players while still being better places to spend time than Hunter was. However, you are being rude to people here while counting yourself as a regular player, so maybe you just didn't notice how rude most of Hunter actually was.

You're mixing terms up anyway - do you have a problem with elites or elitists? There are skilled or powerful people (elites) in the game who are inclusive or helpful (not elitist) towards new or unskilled players. Then there are those people like you described in your first post who think they're above being on your ships (elitist) yet aren't good at the puzzles or otherwise notable (not elite). Having a problem with elitists is fine; having a problem with elites is jealousy.

Anyway, I won't say that your crewmate needs to learn to bnav brilliantly (if you teach him one thing though, make it how to use the plank). With just a few crew and so-so bnavving, he can still go out and find ships at his current level and earn small amounts of booty - which shouldn't a problem unless you want instant gratification.
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