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Posted by Vetarnian at May 28, 2012 8:38:19 AM
Re: The elitism of Puzzle Pirates
I won't speak of elitism. To be honest, I'm not sure why it was brought up in the first place.

My original post was much longer, but I reduced it before posting, and it seemed my intention was not fully clear from what resulted. Instant gratification and elitism are but two sides of the same coin: a rigid class structure that doesn't interact, doesn't mingle, and which leads to a situation where a middling bnavver has to rely on a jobber pool whose expectations have been heightened by the luxury of the top players, while the top players always have something better to do.

Going back to what another poster said:

I mean, everyone he jobbed was expecting someone with at least basic experience. Your training made their game experience worse-- and those things you said about the game declining? Inexperienced navigators are part of the reason for it. That doesn't excuse your jobbers' rudeness, but does explain it.

"Part of the reason" for the decline is because of inexperienced navigators? Really? I'd have thought that an influx of inexperienced navigators would have meant new players. And where, pray tell, are your experienced navigators in the meantime? Are they recruiting on the board, or are they doing their Ultimates-by-invitation-only elite pillages in their quiet corner of the ocean?

Try to imagine yourself at the bottom of the hierarchy for a change, forced to rely on the notice board, and all you get are a bunch of greenies (no problem, I like them), or yellows who have the stats of greenies or look like alts of better people who decided to see what life looked like among the peons for a while. Jobbers who don't hesitate to dump you after battle because they get the feeling that you've wasted their precious time. Doesn't matter to them that you've also wasted your own time, and your supplies, and that you might be just as annoyed as they are -- and that the last thing you want to hear about is your "bad bad bnavin".

I'm not even sure there is a middle anymore: the elites and the rest of us. You know where you can see the elites, usually. Blockades. Sometimes SMH trips. And these forums, being very vocal about the state of the game and what's good for the elites of the game. Little wonder you should side with the poor jobber robbed of the fruit of his labour by a "bad bad bnaver" at the expense of a guy who may never risk battle-navigating again.

It's your elitism, not bad bnavers, that is killing this game.

Rude person originally from rudest ocean complaining about rudeness. How odd.

Rudest ocean, was it? Oh, maybe its elites -- Hunter used to have a strong contingent of Something Awful goons, did it not? -- but I found little to complain about amidst the regular players of the server.
Vetarnian on Emerald, ex-Hunter.

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