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Posted by Dylan at May 28, 2012 8:23:46 AM
Re: The elitism of Puzzle Pirates
However the officer in question was unaware of how to run an effective pillage, and in truth, did not even know that battle-navigation could be practiced with the navy.

Could you not have, erm, told the OiQ? Like this:

OiQ to be: Ohai, i haz cheeseboater, canz i be officrar?
Uncaring Captain: Yo! Kthxbai
Caring Captain: No problem, I just quickly want to check what you know. Have you run pillages before?
OiQ to be: Herp derp nope!
Caring Captain: Right. I'm going to promote you to Officer! I'm afraid I'm busy right now, but perhaps we could go out on a crew pillage with some mates tomorrow? Please don't hire via the noticeboard until then; we've found that inexperienced bnavvers get treated rudely by elitists!
Caring Captain: Oh, and by the way, I strongly suggest practicing Battle Navigation with the navy, where the cannonballs are free!

Seriously, ever since the BNav mission was added there has been no need for any sort of officer training programme, but it isn't as if DNav is particularly difficult (plenty can manage it and load cannons and use their swabbies for sails and damage control - on ships larger than sloop class too!) BNav is way easier than the other aspects of handling a ship, but making a mistake in the BNav is deadlier in the short term.

Smooth seas to the lot of ye, but there is no elitism.