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Posted by Murdyll at May 28, 2012 7:23:10 AM
Re: The elitism of Puzzle Pirates
I feel I must step in here. I'm the uncaring Captain that promoted the officer in the first place, and I resent that I've been referred to as such.

We promote fairly, I feel, and exceptions are made when pirates own ships. It just makes sense to me; to not deny them the use of their purchased vessels. However the officer in question was unaware of how to run an effective pillage, and in truth, did not even know that battle-navigation could be practiced with the navy. Too few of our crewmates were online, and even I wasn't present for this pillage. I would have taken him out on a ship myself, with crewmates, and together we'd have taught him the ropes; it was no fault of mine nor Vetarnian's that the officer was too eager to wait for training (Vet prefers to "suggest" rather than give direct instructions, he's soft like that).

I won't speak of elitism. To be honest, I'm not sure why it was brought up in the first place. The officer is at fault here, but can we really fault him all that much? In Three Rings' own system, his pillage would've been marked with a bright green "Learning" (now there's an idea).
Murdyll of Hunter Ocean

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