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Posted by xelto at May 28, 2012 5:39:00 AM
Re: The elitism of Puzzle Pirates
Then bad form to whoever promoted him to officer so that he had the power to insist

Amazing. I talk of elitism, and what do I get? An elitist. It is quite normal, Gneiss, that you might not give much thought to ordinary pirates from the luxury of your villa, as you might be contemplating which of your five familiars you are going to wear on your next portrait, and whether they would clash with your black attire. Whatever your situation, I am certain that an old, well-connected pirate such as yourself never has to demean herself by jobbing off the board.

Actually, she did, quite regularly. And here's the important part: I never had a bad experience jobbing for Naughty and Gneiss. Even back in my "Woohoo, I made distinguished!" days. It didn't make any difference who the officer running the trip was, it would have competent battle navigation, not excessive whistling, and a generally fun atmosphere.

I mean, if you distill your original post, it turns into:
I had a crewbie who was made officer. On his first training mission, we jobbed off the notice board. He made the mistakes you would expect a new officer to make, and a bunch of people jumped ship. Some of them were rude in the process. Why are people so rude? That's not right.

And you seem to focus on the rudeness (or "elitism" as you're calling it) while completely bypassing the part about your navigator totally booching and ruining the day for your jobbers. We've been trying to hint politely that letting an unskilled officer job from the notice board is equally rude, and that return rudeness of your jobbers is predictable, even if it does show an inexcusable lack of civility.

Oh, I know, on a doubloon ocean, anyone can buy a ship as soon as they start playing, but I remember that I bought my first sloop only with in-game earnings. It took me a week or two, I can't remember, but I felt that was the only legitimate (sorry, Three Rings) way to get started in this game. Yet according to your rigid hierarchy, I would not even have been allowed to use it.

No, we're not saying you can't use your ship. We're saying that the first couple trips, at the very least, should be with crew members and hearties who are willing to take a bit of time in the name of friendship and crew loyalty, so that the new guy can learn in a supporting environment, without having to worry about all the jobbers self-planking themselves.
Gurndigarn on Emerald Ocean
"Oh, come on. You jobbed onto a ship called the Cursed Isle Raider and you expected *refined*?"

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