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Posted by Jongy5 at May 28, 2012 5:11:32 AM
Re: The elitism of Puzzle Pirates
For someone ranting about the backwards systems of our realms, you are awfully sarcastic and condescending.

Note: Unfortunately for you, a degree of crew training, navigational skill and proper use of the plank are fundamentals of pillaging regardless of any elitism.

Note: Jobber idiocy is NOT elitism.

Here is my pirate info, in case you wish to screen me for hypocrisy, poke holes in my moral fiber or suggest that I work on my battle navigation or encounter less indecision when selecting one of my invisible familiars to wear.
Musicologist : Self-proclaimed Master Minstrel mostly of Meridian

Message from Team Evil: Fine, we'll pass the petition along to Hera for you even though you're pro-Team Purple, but we refuse to be happy about it! #TeamEvilisAWESOME

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