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Posted by Vetarnian at May 28, 2012 4:48:45 AM
Re: The elitism of Puzzle Pirates
Then bad form to whoever promoted him to officer so that he had the power to insist

Amazing. I talk of elitism, and what do I get? An elitist. It is quite normal, Gneiss, that you might not give much thought to ordinary pirates from the luxury of your villa, as you might be contemplating which of your five familiars you are going to wear on your next portrait, and whether they would clash with your black attire. Whatever your situation, I am certain that an old, well-connected pirate such as yourself never has to demean herself by jobbing off the board.

I'm an old Hunterite, and I recognize most of those crews and flags mentioned on your Yppedia profile; unlike it, I will keep this post short, seeing how you get annoyed at anything that "takes longer than 30 minutes".

There is no denying that you have been close -- even if you never quite made it (how infuriating it must have been!) -- to political power on the ocean. I had even heard of your crew (you know, the one half-named after you), and to this day I can find this in the description:

I WILL say that if you want Officer I want to see that you can Bnav (usually resp+) and handle a crew. Along those lines, if you want Fleet Officer I want to see that you can Bnav BETTER, handle a crew BETTER, are more ACTIVE, etc. :)

Isn't that charming? Immediately, the accent is put on battle navigation. Respectable or better -- I used to have that (if you need proof, you can always check the reverse of my portraits). Not anymore. Too much floating ships in the pre-swabbie era; too much memorizing when battles were just a waste of time and I didn't care whether I won or lost. Anyway, I'm back to Able now, and never bothered to get my old proficiency back, so I'm afraid I wouldn't meet your standards now.

But anyway, the insidious problem with linking bnav proficiency with rank is that you consider anyone not making the cut as unworthy of being appointed so much as officer; someone might own a ship, but they would not be able to use it. Oh, I know, on a doubloon ocean, anyone can buy a ship as soon as they start playing, but I remember that I bought my first sloop only with in-game earnings. It took me a week or two, I can't remember, but I felt that was the only legitimate (sorry, Three Rings) way to get started in this game. Yet according to your rigid hierarchy, I would not even have been allowed to use it.

Oh, I know what you are thinking: the ocean would have been spared another unworthy battle navigator. But the thing is that I never (except on a few occasions) held pillages. I didn't like it. But I was foraging, trading, memorizing, and could aptly solo a cutter. All of these activities would also have been denied me, even though they only involved me and my own ship. What, I have to ask you, would have been the justice in that? Or are you such an elitist that all that matters is how much I might tarnish the crew's record if I get intercepted while soloing a shipment of pomegranates?

Unless, of course, you belong to such an elite political flag that you're always at war with someone, in which case your refusal to appoint bnav-deficient officers who intend to use only their own ship, only in non-bnav situations, is only intended to protect them. Such magnanimity! Such grandeur of spirit! You are truly to be commended! Go and buy yourself a medal from the palace shoppe; I insist.
Vetarnian on Emerald, ex-Hunter.

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