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Posted by xelto at May 27, 2012 2:32:11 PM
Re: The elitism of Puzzle Pirates
OK, I see some problems. Some on OOO's side, which you point out, a few on your own. The biggest one I saw from you was:
He and I were the only two of the crew online at the time, and I went along to help him as best I could.

If you're going to unleash a battle navigator on the ocean, he really needs to have some training before he posts on the notice board. That may mean waiting for more of your crew to be online, or asking hearties if they don't mind helping out a new officer. Or in other words, having people on board who know that there will be rough patches, and are willing to sacrifice their time so that someone else can learn. At the very least
I was busy elsewhere when that exchange took place; if I had seen it, I would have told the crewbie to wait until he had at least five people before sailing.

he should have had an explanation of the basics-- including how to job, when to sail, and how to battle navigate-- before the jobbing notice was posted.


Now on OOO's part, I've seen several suggestions that I would love to see implemented, any or all of them:

1) Somewhere in the archives there's a suggestion I made about having a coliseum for various battle types. One of the suggestions in it was simply target practice-- give a new officer somewhere he can get out, give him skilled swabbies, and all he has to do is sail around. No grappling, no getting shot at, just a target to shoot. Let him learn how to maneuver, how currents and whirlpools work, and stuff like that.
2) Give us more swabbies. Raise the swabbie cutoff on a sloop to six, at the very least. (That is, you lose your first swabbie when the fourth person steps on the ship, not when the second person does.)
3) Not allow notice board postings until the navigator passes some sort of test to indicate basic knowledge and skill. I mean, everyone he jobbed was expecting someone with at least basic experience. Your training made their game experience worse-- and those things you said about the game declining? Inexperienced navigators are part of the reason for it. That doesn't excuse your jobbers' rudeness, but does explain it.
Gurndigarn on Emerald Ocean
"Oh, come on. You jobbed onto a ship called the Cursed Isle Raider and you expected *refined*?"

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