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Posted by Jothmar at Sep 25, 2003 2:57:18 AM
Re: the magick inn - quick inter-arch travel

Has the arguement for having more seperated economy, which I, for one, would greatly like. As Kraken said, if its easy to get around the economy becomes booched, things should be hard to get, people shouldn't be able to hop on a plane and get to China (from the East Indies), thats a long trip that should take some time and some effort. Remember the era, you can't just get every where quickly.

Some allowances have to be made, of course, for keeping the game interesting, like whisking to ships, but where possible I would like for people to have to do some work to get around. I would like it to go so far as to say you have to be in the same arch as the ship that you're trying to board. I.E. if a ship is up in Pearl it can't job any one, therefore they better get their jobbers before they head up there. Right now its cheaper for a crew to have one officer on a ship to take it up there, man it once its there, then have one officer bring it back. Thereby saving alot of poe in rum. While that doesn't decrease the amount of fun the game is, it would require more forethought if it was more difficult to pillage in uninhabitied archs. Traveling about is just to easy right now.

[Edit] For getting friends together in once midnight comes out perhaps you could have them choose which arch to start in.
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