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Posted by taelac at May 24, 2012 9:59:29 AM
Classy wrote: 
Things I've learned about ROMS....
Don't edit.
Don't loose your cool.
Post cute pictures.
Don't lie.
Argue on first day as whether to abstain or not (it's tradition.)
There will be one word every game that is THE word, don't be distracted. ;)

Howdy folks I have arrived.

Oh, right. If you edit, I will eet ur soul work very hard to get you lynched. If you lie, well, unless you're a rogue, it's a bad plan and leads to game breakage and bad feelings, so if you're not a rogue, don't do it.

I officially have no particular position on a first day abstention, since the time in which having a particular position was useful is now past. Let's find a new Day 1 argument. I propose "Plank All Lazers: Defining 'Lazer'," "All Meta All the Time: What to Do with Players Who Would Rather Talk About the Game than Play the Game," and "First Posters Are Always Rogues: True Or Marinated?" as possible topics.
ROMS XVII:Vanilla Filler
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