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Posted by Talisker at May 24, 2012 8:20:35 AM
Firebolt wrote: 
Classy wrote: 
Things I've learned about ROMS....
Don't edit.
Don't loose your cool.
Post cute pictures.
Don't lie.
Argue on first day as whether to abstain or not (it's tradition.)
There will be one word every game that is THE word, don't be distracted. ;)

Everybody lies

Rogues lie by commission. Roleholders might lie, but most innocents lie by omission. Generally, you want to be honest. Don't go blurting out roles or items, at least without careful consideration, but actually being caught in a lie is liable to get you lynched.
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Gunnermooch wrote: 
I can't respond because I do not understand what the hell you are talking about. Sorry.

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