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Posted by Rogue_JM at May 24, 2012 7:30:16 AM
In every city, there's always a bad part of town. Those blocks, you avoid them like the plague. But what happens when the plague comes after you? There's nowhere to hide now. The Gangs are making their entrance and they show no sign of stopping.


The Basics

ROMS DCXV is a role-&-item-heavy game, moderated by JM and Quitex, Or shall I say Rogue_JM and RogueQuitex. There are a lot of roles and there's many items and it will all depend on how you use your assets to win the game (or otherwise be killed!). Do not sign up if you don't like the idea of changing your alignment.

ALL NEW PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN-UP ON THE DEAD FORUMS LOCATED HERE. You will not be officially signed-up until you've created an account on the Dead Forums. Please use your same Forum Name when signing up on the Dead Forums. Feel free to ask any questions regarding this, and as any other concern that may arise through the game, both moderators need to be included in your PM(s).

Day/Night Cycle

- For most of the game, Days will be 72 hours long and Nights will be 12 hours long, unless otherwise specified. At a certain point of the game, Days will change to 48 hours and Nights will remain at twelve hours a piece, unless otherwise specified.
- All deadlines will be at either 7:30am or 7:30pm game time (PDT), unless otherwise specified.
- There will be no posting at Night, unless otherwise specified.
- All bans and lynches will be confirmed by any of the two moderators.
- Lynches and bans will reveal status and role (if any), while any other type of death conceal it. The status of the lynch or ban victim will be revealed by any of the moderators on death.
- If the role has any direct ROMS equivalent, it will be noted at time of death. It's safe to assume that if no further information or clarification about any role is provided at time of death, then the role has no direct Mafia equivalent and contacting the Moderators on this issue is not OK.


- Voting will use the following system: if at Day end, over 50% of the players have voted, the person with the most votes will be lynched. There is no two vote lead needed.
- Votes should be formatted in bold, like this: #Vote: Justinmickey. Votes not following this format will not be counted, although small errors in spelling will be allowed as long as the vote candidate is still obvious.
- We ask, as a big favor to all of us, for the votes to be placed in a different line within your novellas, preferably at the end of your post. Red formatting is not required but it's encouraged.
- Only your last vote will count. There is no need to unvote. If there's more than one vote in a single post, the last vote will count.
- Instead of voting for a player, you may instead abstain (#Vote: Abstain). If Abstain leads the vote count, there will be no lynch.
- If there is a tie between two players, there will be no lynch.
- If there is a tie between a player and Abstain, the player will be lynched.

Inactivity and Proxies

- ROMS is a time commitment. PLEASE consider carefully whether you have the time to play before signing up. It is best to be prepared to make a post every Day.
- All players are expected to make one post per Day. Any player not posting in a Day cycle will be removed at the end of the Day as inactive.
- There will be no proxies this game. PLEASE consider carefully, once more, whether you have the time to play or not.
- If at any point you need to resign from the game, please send both moderators a PM before posting your resignation in-game.

The Wiki

The moderators are not responsible for the wiki. Feel free to maintain it yourselves!


- Inactivity removals will hopefully be replaced. If there are no replacements available, they will be removed and their status revealed.

Game End

The game ends with a town victory when there are no more Gang members, or alternatively with a Gang victory when the number of surviving innocents is equal to the number of remaining Gang members.

Behavior and Communication

- Please remember, this is a GAME. Don't take things personally and don't resort to personal attacks on others. There are real humans behind all the text.
- For this game, communication is limited to Gang forums only, otherwise specified. DO NOT try to communicate with anyone you're not supposed to outside the thread, and if any of the moderators find out you've been doing such thing, you'll experience a quick, instant, painless death. In-game. Cheating is not tolerated in ANY ROMS game.
- Dead players and non-participants will have access to the Dead Thread, where they can discuss the game freely. What happens in the Dead Thread stays in the Dead Thread. Any non-player with access to the Dead Thread automatically surrenders their eligibility as a replacement.


- ROMS Overview
- New Player Help
- Dead Thread Forums

Player List

*Bunnylaroo replaced by Riss_
*Kotetsu534 replaced by Katebarloww
*The_Jokerina Replaced by Cnuofesd

THE NEXT DEADLINE is at June 10th, 7:30 AM Game Time (PST).

Moderating ROMS: (DC)XV with Quitex.

We haz power.

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