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Posted by Franklincain at May 23, 2012 11:46:23 AM
Building Footprints
I've been compiling a list of (documented) "footprints" (ground sizes) of the various buildings, for eventual inclusion into the YPPedia. Here's what I've gathered so far.

For the sake of consistency, I'm listing these footprints in the format "AxB" (where A is less than or equal to B).

Stalls and Shoppes

All Bazaars have a 6x6 footprint, regardless of craft. Shoppes, however, vary by craft.

Iron Monger...5x5


I was not able to find the footprint for an Inn. The other infrastructure buildings showed their respective footprints. (And since a palace comes into existence by upgrading the island's fort, I'm not surprised they have the same size footprint...)

As an aside...I presume the palace cannot be relocated; that is, it *must* be built at the exact same location and orientation as the fort from which is was upgraded. Could I get some governor -- past or present -- to please confirm this?

Com. Market....6x7
Estate Agent...5x5


I was not able to find the footprints for any of the three types of Attractions -- Black Market, Explorers' Hall, and Trading Post.


Shacks through Townhouses all have the same footprint -- 5x5. Manors through Estates share the same footprint as well -- 6x7, in their case. Pirate Halls fall in between, with a footprint of 5x6.

Recap -- Missing Info

I'd still like to know the footprint for an Inn as well as for the three types of Attractions. Thanks! ;-)

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