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Posted by Franklincain at May 18, 2012 8:12:36 AM
intersect categories - how?
Since this may well be a complicated discussion, I'm posting this here on the Forums instead of in the relevant Talk page(s) on the YPPedia... ;-)

I want to know how to link to an INTERSECTION of two Categories; i.e. I want to generate a "category" of whatever pages fall into BOTH of the Categories in question. For my specific example, I refer to this blurb from my Pirate's page:
While his primary house is a shack on the island of Tigerleaf Mountain, he appears to have an obsession with acquiring additional shacks on every island having them...

Now, I've currently included a link to this Category page:
But this lists all Shack-equipped Islands from all Oceans (not just Meridian). I'd prefer to limit this link to those Shack-equipped Islands in Meridian; i.e., I'd like to limit my linking to those Islands from that first Category to those which also appear in this Category as well:

Question: Is this possible? If so, how? (And, how easily?)

Please note, I am not asking to create a new Category, resulting the the mass editing of all the Islands. That would just be dumb. :-P I'm looking for some clever, already-existing method of using the Wiki code as it exists. ;-)



I found this page on Wikipedia:

According to that page, the "incategory:" term should be working (presuming YPPedia runs off MediaWiki), but when I try using it for my example above, it doesn't work. :-P

Edit #2:

Worst case scenario, I can always just resort to using Google... :-/
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