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Posted by barrelmonkey at Apr 12, 2012 11:53:32 PM
Re: Sega reports large losses for previous year - planning layoffs
CCP in that link was similar to Three Rings circa the release of Whirled. CCP decided to focus back on their flagship game and see how long they can ride it out. Three Rings decided to focus on highly distributable games with guaranteed promotion. Spiral Knights has been a massive success between Sega helping to promote it, and some heavy Steam promotion. Doctor Who is still sorta half-beta, barely released, so they haven't worked on promotion yet, but that's going to be a really easy game to promote. They're going to get a lot of people who find the game naturally by looking at Doctor Who stuff on the internet, and those are by far the most valuable players. Honestly I don't see how the Doctor Who game could fail, unless they run into unfixable technical issues.

Puzzle Pirates and Eve Online were both smash hit successes, and both companies learned that trying to repeat that success doesn't work. They went different directions with the lesson they learned and I suppose we'll just have to see who found the better solution, but I find it's always safest to bet on the Doctor.

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