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Posted by Roleni at Apr 12, 2012 10:00:06 PM
Re: Sega reports large losses for previous year - planning layoffs
Someone on the Internet wrote: 
I told you so!

They'll care one of these days, little buddy. They will.

They will? Is this another time for me to link to my "called it" moment about distillery?! :P

So OOO, remember back when I tried to warn you folks about giving up your independent studio status? You wouldn't have to sweat it now if you had listened...

Heh, well, you're asking OOO to behave like CCP - who does things differently (and IMHO, better) than just about anybody else in the video game business. While I think that YPP could have been a far better game, and still has room for improvement, to be's pretty impressive it's still around even NOW.
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