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Posted by Setsusa at Apr 4, 2012 4:13:51 PM
Re: Dub price whine thread
Oh no doubt, the dub price on some items is just silly for the average Joe which could be a potential player retention problem.

Evony is one of the biggest examples I thought you'd go to, and truthfully with the sad state it's in now, just ugh. Having played it a few months after it came out when there weren't very many people dumping money in, skill was obviously prevalent. Dabbling in a year and a half ago before botting it became widely popular but more and more people were dumping in money, I didn't notice much change. One thing I'd say now is that with how many people are dumping money into Evony and botting at the same time, no free player without a bot could ever keep up, when someone is using 24 hours of a day as opposed to an average player using 2-3 for actual troop related things, there's a giant difference. That said, a player using a bot will walk all over most money dumping botters after the first two or three months of a server.

Annoying game, definitely a good example, but without the edge of a bot vs no bot, coiners in Evony only get ahead for the first few weeks. (Except those massive ones that put in 10k to get instant everything heroes, that's a good three-four month jump).
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