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Posted by xelto at Apr 4, 2012 2:20:31 PM
Re: Dub price whine thread
Oh! A threat of quiting... yeah, where have I seen that before?

Never from me, before.

To roughly translate the two real-money-only things in Spiral Knights into YPP, imagine there was a badge, bought with real money only, that would let you instantly create a spawn and quickly disengage. If your ship is ready for the next battle, you click the button and *boom*, you are on a bnav board. If the spawn and/or board isn't to your liking, you can disengage after 2 turns. Sure, you can continue to play with the old spawn system, it just takes longer.

Eh, mildly unimpressed. I don't like the "pay to speed things up" philosophy: if you're game needs speeding up, there's a problem with it. However, I don't find the "hunt down the spawn" to be a game flaw, even if others do, so I assume that this is an analogy that may not have translated to YPP terms all that well.

The other thing that is real-money-only is an equivalent to a new SMH-type thing, with higher pay and the ability to get more useful ships/swords. Sure, your ability hasn't changed. You can even get these things by paying others, so you don't *have* to pay real-money, but it sure is easier.

This, on the other hand, would be a distinct turn-off for me, at least if "more useful" = "more powerful". The fact that you can purchase the things from other players lessens the problem somewhat, though how much it helps would really be determined by what the proportion of time needing to be spent to get/keep/whatever the advanced goodies. But if "more useful" is equal to "different ship configuration, but roughly balanced with the existing ones", then I really have no problem with it.


My biggest concern is that OOO will go the way of every other "free" game I've ever tried, which in reality turns out to be "We'll let you play a crippled version of the game. If you want to play the real game and [where applicable] stop being target practice for our paying customers, send us real-life money". And that's the biggest reason that YPP is still the only free online game I play. So... yes, threatening to leave is a real threat, at least from me. I've done it to every other game I've tried.

I'm not opposed to pay-to-play games: I can't, considering that I've worked professionally with coin-op games for a couple decades now, and paid to play them for a couple decades before that. (And now that it looks like I'll have a bit of real-life spending cash on a regular basis, I might even be persuaded to pay for YPP.) But the two-tier setup that a lot of games have is a real turn-off for me. I don't like knowing I'm doing better than most people simply because I've got more money to spend on the game than they do. I really don't like being on the bottom, knowing I'm sucking simply because someone else is spending money.

Wait until they introduce very important things that can't be bought with dubs, but can only be bought with real money.

Like the Backsword?

This is an example of what I'm talking about. I have no problems with people owning a backsword, and me not able to get one due to inability to find the box set/not caring enough to hunt it down. The backsword may look incredibly cool, and it's great against bots... but not against other players. So it's fine in my book. On the other hand, if the Dadao mk 1 was a cash-purchase only item, I would never swordfight again. (Not that I SF much anyway... but the analogy should be understandable.)


And now that I've had a couple days to assimilate this new addition, I'm not quite as adamant about the doubloon only cost of the boxes. I'm not happy about it, since I like lower doubloon prices, but since nothing in the gold box actually affects game play, I'm less worried about buy-your-way-to-victory, at least from these boxes.

And, looking back on what I wrote, it's probably a good thing that sea monster hunts were invented before I came on the scene, otherwise I probably would have had a HWFO session over bravery badges.
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