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Posted by darkseid at Apr 4, 2012 10:07:07 AM
Re: Dub price whine thread
OH MY DEAR LORD! are you telling me that a player driven economy involving real life money traded for an ingame currency that can then be sold to other players is not running properly?

I do think I just messed myself at this information, I don't think I could handle it over on the green oceans, I'll just stay on the blue one

(anyone else noticed that blue is the colour oceanmasters names are in, and green is the colour of new and inexperienced people, just thought I'd throw that in there.)

This is a very weak attempt at trolling.

However, thanks to quitex for pointing out the release of gold boxes on ice. I'll look forward to seeing the new familiar types in game, even if (at $2 a try) they are priced rather outside my range. :)

I was merely trying to point out complaining about the price of dubs is a pointless and really a bit of a stupid thing to do.

economys only work if people aren't stupid, sadly this is rarely the case in real life what do you really expect to happen inside a video game?
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