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Posted by xelto at Apr 3, 2012 8:06:44 PM
Re: Dub price whine thread
Emerald is at around 1900, and Meridian is just short of 2k. Last I bothered looking, they were both around 1700. That's not much of a spike.

It's also not been announced on the oceans, just in the forums.

Personally, I wish that they had put in a 12 dubs/25k option for the doubloon oceans. It still would have led to doubloon inflation, but would have looked less like a shameless attempt to yank money out of our pockets. Yes, I know that this is a commercial venture, and they need money somehow-- but this looks more like a Zygna approach to gaming than a OOO approach. Want to win Mafia Wars? The person who sends them the most real-life money wins. Want your lottery ticket for a dragon? Pay up, man.
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