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Re: General Stall Question
Weaveries are indeed tricky to manage. In three weeks of having the lowest price on several colors at my weavery on scrimshaw (next door to a major island), we've gotten a grand total of one direct order from a customer. By contrast, at our weavery on the very populous island next door, we have a 7 day queue of external orders. The weavery costs are similar, though.

One common suggestion for dealing with excessive competition is to buy and quickly resell commodities, on the premise that high competition makes it harder to get commodities delivered. Rather than making money by turning hemp into cloth, for example, you might take advantage of scarcity by buying at 7 PoE and selling at 8. However- and this is a big caveat- commodity arbitrage only works when someone on the island needs commodities. If no one has customers, there's probably no scarcity or demand for what you're reselling. Sites like can help you to decide what to buy when, to maximize profits.
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