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Posted by flewors at Apr 2, 2012 5:21:05 PM
Re: General Stall Question
Weaving in particular has a problem that it's a middle industry, it doesn't make any final products and many people who use a lot of cloth will have their own weavery to supply themselves at cost. That said there are always people buying plenty of sail cloth on Aimuari and you can definitely make a profit there.

With other products I find on the major islands you have to specialise or at least avoid things that are very simple to make as they're often sold at or below cost. There are usually more complicated or labour intensive items that will bring in a decent profit. You can also make a profit being fast rather than being cheap. People will sometimes pay significantly more for immediate delivery.

Also bear in mind that even if margins are low you do tend to have many more customers and you can make up for the low individual margins by selling large quantities. Making 1 or 2 poe per small cannon ball isn't so bad when you're selling thousands of them.

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