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Posted by xelto at Apr 2, 2012 4:27:09 PM
Re: Sega reports large losses for previous year - planning layoffs
Its pretty easy to predict what will happen when independent studios get absorbed, there is a well established precedent in the gaming business.

1. Emphasize obscene profits at the expense of quality
2. Close the studio when HQ decides to cut costs.

It does happen, but there are other situations-- like when the company I started my current job got bought out, and we effectively ended up running the company that bought us. Or when our parent company got bought out, it's managed to remain mostly autonomous, at least as far as a minor sub-company that's based on a different continent than our owning company can tell.

A huge part of the deciding factor is going to be how much Sega values internet-based games. If they decide they're a fad, or more trouble than they're worth, OOO is toast. If they decide that it's the Next Big Thing, then OOO is going to see money shoved at it for development. If they decide that, since it's making money, they might as well keep it going, OOO is probably going to see the status quo stay-- and be blissfully ignored most of the time.
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