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Posted by Karnisov at Apr 2, 2012 4:17:13 PM
Re: Sega reports large losses for previous year - planning layoffs
giobb wrote: 

Honestly I don't understand why people even try to make predictions.
It's just too complex and we have zero valuable information to make any judgement thats not completely arbitrary.

Its pretty easy to predict what will happen when independent studios get absorbed, there is a well established precedent in the gaming business.

1. Emphasize obscene profits at the expense of quality
2. Close the studio when HQ decides to cut costs.

Ask the people that made PoxNora . Feel free to peruse the archives at Gamasutra for other examples. The studios that don't get completely closed usually end up hollow shells of their former self.

And for people saying "but Daniel James will look out for OOO", that only applies as long as Daniel James still works there. Depending on how much it is costing Sega to keep him on the payroll that might not be much longer. He doesn't have much tenure with Sega so he is fairly low on the seniority list, and he is also probably one of the most expensive people on the payroll at OOO. These factors would make him first in line for a pink slip.
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