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Posted by xelto at Mar 30, 2012 5:36:57 PM
Re: Sega reports large losses for previous year - planning layoffs
So OOO, remember back when I tried to warn you folks about giving up your independent studio status? You wouldn't have to sweat it now if you had listened...

Instead, they would still be sweating the problems of being a small, independent studio that, if I read between the lines, they were feeling.

That being said, I would have preferred them to stay independent. But what's done is done, so... on to the predictions about the future, most of which will be totally incorrect because, after all, trying to figure out what a CEO is going to do is as difficult as figuring out what a cat is going to do: you may have a reasonable chance of guessing if you know the cat, but when you don't know the cat you're taking blind shots, and even if you do know it cat it's still not a sure thing.

As far as YPP, Spiral Knights, and Dr. Who goes, they're probably going to stay, and probably remain in development. If I'm reading between the lines properly, about a year ago, maybe two, Sega realized that they were in a rut, and moving into online games (and purchasing OOO) was part of getting themselves out of their rut. So they're unlikely to cut the division, and may actually increase it. They may even, in an outside probability scenario, promote it more.

If they decide to sell OOO, I would give about a 30/70 chance of the game remaining in development-- though those are wild odds, I would have to see the P/L statement for the game to have a chance of making accurate odds.
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