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Posted by Sverdrup at Mar 26, 2012 12:59:45 PM
Re: Botting
Roleni wrote: 
Yeah, it's a pretty far-fetched jump to call independently wealthy blockading monarchs "drug king pins". Especially with poker, Atlantis, shopkeeping and the doubloon exchange.

Agreed. Yet not all island-owning, independently wealthy monarchs have gotten to where they are via honest means.

The probability is high, that poker is the prime mechanism to launder the drug money. This does not mean, that all successful high-stake poker players are money laundering drug king pins. It merely means, that some likely are.

Let me close on the note, that I as an individual pirate have no access to information or proof of any illegal activity. If I did, I would communicate with OceanMasters, not General Parley and Politics.
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