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Posted by Sverdrup at Mar 26, 2012 11:21:09 AM
Re: Botting
BobJanova wrote: 
I'd like to see the secondary PoE market attacked with a vengeance. It should be straightforward to inspect PoE streams and see who has a vastly greater amount of PoE given to them than makes sense for the reverse trades, and who gives away most of their PoE and gets nothing in return. No-one who cares about the game enough to be making millions would just give it away on a regular basis if they weren't trading it out of game.

OOO should also have agents sign up to the big PoE-selling sites and spend a few months building up a ban list, and then killing everyone. It is relatively little work and if you can destroy confidence in those sites then you will do a lot of damage to the illegal market.

Quoted For Truth.

This cash-for-poe selling is a hierarchical scheme akin to the drug trade:

1. The botters are the street peddlers risking their skins.

2. The powerful blockading monarchs without real crews/flags (but poes) are the drug king pins buying services from botters during high-pay blockades and paying botters with cash for poe (via cartels, see next).

3. The real-world "gambling" sites (making the bots and providing the poe-cash exchange) are the cartels creating, enabling, and profiting from every aspect of this. The cartels cut into OOO long-term viability as a financial enterprise in the real world.

4. High-stakes poker acts as the money-laundering scheme within the ToS.

All parasites eventually kill their host. As in the drug trade: seize all assets (poe, ships, islands, stats) that were used in any activity where as little as 1 poe has been aquired in violation of the ToS.

EDIT-4: Thank you, Setsusa and Chipharip for opening my eyes to these schemes the last few weeks as it put the blockading game(s) into a larger perspective.
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