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Posted by xelto at Mar 25, 2012 4:33:36 PM
Re: Botting
I'd like to see the secondary PoE market attacked with a vengeance. It should be straightforward to inspect PoE streams and see who has a vastly greater amount of PoE given to them than makes sense for the reverse trades, and who gives away most of their PoE and gets nothing in return. No-one who cares about the game enough to be making millions would just give it away on a regular basis if they weren't trading it out of game.

Or skip the PoE stream inspection. Check with the lawyers to make sure this is legal-- change the terms of service if needed-- then post sell offers. Ban the people who buy from you.

And/or change the terms of service so that OOO can legally claim third-party cash sales (if this can be legally enforced). Move onto the buy side of the equation. Then ban the people selling to you, and do a chargeback to reclaim the money that was, after all, a third-party cash sale.

Oh, and if you find someone who's been doing it successfully for some time, and has made a considerable amount of cash from the sales: tip off the IRS (or local eqivalent) that they really, really need to audit that individual.

I don't know how many of those can be done legally. But one of the upsides of being bought out by a big company is that they should have laywers who can tell them.
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