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Posted by BobJanova at Mar 25, 2012 3:27:09 PM
Re: Botting
I'd like to see the secondary PoE market attacked with a vengeance. It should be straightforward to inspect PoE streams and see who has a vastly greater amount of PoE given to them than makes sense for the reverse trades, and who gives away most of their PoE and gets nothing in return. No-one who cares about the game enough to be making millions would just give it away on a regular basis if they weren't trading it out of game.

OOO should also have agents sign up to the big PoE-selling sites and spend a few months building up a ban list, and then killing everyone. It is relatively little work and if you can destroy confidence in those sites then you will do a lot of damage to the illegal market.

Bots are a real problem too but probably harder to prove, although the 'port, wait, deport, turn' test is fairly conclusive and should be enough to ban on the basis of. (Remember to wait long enough though, as porting legitimately doesn't reset your indicator.) But I think that by attacking PoE-selling you could do a lot to restrict botting in game as well.
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