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Posted by DeepNine at Mar 24, 2012 12:25:04 AM
Re: Botting
Roleni wrote: 
I did some more math regarding the carpentry; if we figure a really good bot could even manage something like 100,000,000 positions a second, that's still only enough to consider 100 possibilities per move and look four moves ahead

The possibility of a bot that could beat a human at carpentry existing isn't really a question, even on crummy computers. The most basic heuristics cut out well over 90% of possible moves per move, e.g. not considering moves that overlap when nonoverlapping moves are still available. Make a few more tweaks and you have a bot that gets at least MP^16 or better damn near every time. This is before you consider that bots move near-instantaneously - and we're talking finishing all of its holes before you finish your first six. With how important speed is, the margin by which humans get crushed is really quite staggering.
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