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Posted by Snowpixie at Mar 21, 2012 4:34:48 PM
Re: What's with the OMs/ Devs loving that DNav puzzle?
I happen to kind of like dnav and am pretty good at it, but I can completely understand people not liking various puzzles.

Agreed, but you have 3 puzzles to choose from when trading, and I can't understand said people not wanting to recognise that using a game mechanic that is only available for half an hour a few times a week and was created for a different purpose is exploity. They'll adjust, it's not like it costs that much to pay a couple of sailors (and/or a dnavver) if they don't want to dnav themselves, evading is easy when you have enough people on board for the size of the ship. If you were meant to solo MB's up, we'd have the extra/skilled swabbies already, argue for that rather than exploit.

On that note, I'm about to go upset some people in GD.
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