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Posted by Quitex at Mar 21, 2012 2:47:00 PM
Re: What's with the OMs/ Devs loving that DNav puzzle?
The only reason you hate it is because you are not good at it.

I am sorry, but when I started my YPP career, I couldn't gun, dnav or carp for barnacle. I hated those puzzles. Then I had to learn those puzzles because I needed them to succeed. I learned those puzzles and I like them now.

I am so sorry that you feel that important, you're not. They did a change, deal with it.
Quitex, everywhere, mainly Ice.
Monarch of Cows
Joly wrote: 
Someone asked why Quitex would do this as a rogue. All I can say is, well, he's QUITEX! No one knows what he will do next, ESPECIALLY Quitex.

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