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Posted by elfeesh at Mar 21, 2012 9:37:14 AM
Re: What's with the OMs/ Devs loving that DNav puzzle?
I like the update. It means that merchants don't get an advantage just by being online at the right time, but means they have to use their skill at a puzzle (this being a puzzle game) to gain any sort of advantage in moving their stock.

It gets rid of the timing exploit and replaces it with a level footing where skill matters, and this is coming from someone who both does stock runs and only has Distinguished Duty nav.

It's a good update, in my eyes. But then again, you can't please anyone, and such is the state of the game at the moment than anything will be greeted with "OMFGZ THIS WILL KILL THE GAME AAAHHHMMFFGGGGG", or words to that effect.

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