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Posted by Snowpixie at Mar 21, 2012 5:47:45 AM
Re: What's with the OMs/ Devs loving that DNav puzzle?
Personally I love to Dnav. However Dnavving during a pilly seems to ruin my stats. Somehow you need long undisturbed routes to get excels or increds on dnav (at least I do). And what did I miss anyway? Is dnav now compulsory to sail a ship?

No, there's just going to be a new update where dnav is adjusted to have a stronger impact. It won't make any difference to drivers that didn't dnav before - not dnavving won't change. The freaking out is because we're losing our no-brigand exploit so we can no longer solo a ship that's too big to solo.

Announcement here.

Plus ones from me all round. I'm happy with this update on all counts.
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