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Posted by Blisstian at Mar 19, 2012 8:56:41 PM
Qnet owes me a War Frigate
Yes, Qnet owes me a War Frigate.. He posted in his jobber notice that the best puzzler on his WF atlantis would receive a WF.. then it changed to Prizes = Ships.. but still i was the best puzzler on this trip.. and defending the entire time.. and at port Qnet logged without saying anything about this prize he had promised. Qnet there is a possiblity you made a mistake.. and if this is the case.. i will just see you next time you are on Meridian. Otherwise.. this is very low.. to offer a big prize on your NB to bring in great jobbers and never give it away.

(During this Atlantis trip i was alting on Glucklich, a known alt of mine)


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