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Posted by darkseid at Mar 15, 2012 10:26:59 AM
Re: A tale of two games
Honestly, I rarely play Weaving because I find the graphics rather boring. >_> Seems silly, I know, but it's very very basic...and no real exciting animations, either.

I ALWAYS find the words vegas exciting, also the 3 unbeweavables I've got they were fun...

Weaving nor rigging are silly >:( -dont insult my best puzzles! lol-

And unless you arent doing combos in weaving which give you those amazing fonts or just do the amazing unweavables, i doubt weaving would be fun .-. it took me a while to understand it :x but then you realize... its not that hard <<

took me a while to understand blacksmithign but once I did it wasn't topo hard
took em a whil to understand bilging but after a while ti didn't seem hard
took me a while to nunderstand the rubiks cube but after a while it didn't seem hard

my point?

every single puzzle you practice becomes simple and not too difficult, sure you can find little tricks and all that business to get more efficient. But once you've figured out the basic puzzle and see how it works it becomes easy, the satisfaction is then being able to then put what yoiu've learned to good use showing yourself that what you planned did work, or went so horribly wrong it became good again.
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