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Posted by tsimp12 at Mar 7, 2012 8:28:15 AM
Haunted Brig Adjectives
Hey everyone, I tried this thread in my home ocean and got no responses....So I'm going to try and get it going here.
I recently bought myself a Haunted Brig and it has the unfortunately horrible name "Eldritch Mullet"... Should be no wonder why I want to rename that, but I would like to keep an original Haunted Brig adjective for the renamed ship. So since there seems to be no official list of Haunted Brig adjectives anywhere, I figured I would start up this thread.

So let me know the names of your Haunted Brigs everyone, and I'll get a list of adjectives going for everyone who has ever been/is/ever will be curious about them.

So far I know of:

Berclay - Midnight Cerulean and (rarely) Viridian Meridian

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