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Posted by Arghhpirate at Feb 19, 2012 9:35:47 PM
Re: Getting to know you, Viridichite.
Hi, my name is Arghh, you can call me Arghh. But really, my name is Arghhpirate.
I live on Dragon's Nest in a house and this is where I spend most of my days, because when I press 'Go home', that is where it takes me. What I like to do, inside my house, is spade and poker, but mostly, I like to sit in a pool of my own boredom and complain about how bored I am. Sometimes, I send people tells and this cures my boredom for a little while. Then, I am back to more complaining.
I like to frequent Lima docks and stalk your trinkets too, so, have an inscribed one equipped please, starfishys are pretty, but I am tired of looking at them! When I am done stalking trinkets, I like to go to Lima inn and use warnspam, because I don't get to use greeter shortkeys enough.
I also have a twin, and my twin has a twin, and we are twins! And she has a penguin, and she likes to make it go belly flop, but she is not very good at it.
And Jippy, Jippy is my friend, and she will always be Jip-PEE to me ;D

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