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Posted by Hillsmen at Feb 10, 2012 4:31:32 PM
Re: 2012 MLB Thread
Gio Gonzalez is a worth while trade. Very young, and is out of the A's which any player would be happy to leave that organization.

Someone want to explain Zambrano with the Marlins to me? I couldn't believe anyone wanted to sign him...

They actually traded a young but wild pitcher for him. His contract is 18mil this season, 15 of which the Cubs are paying. Personally I think Zambrano will bounce back and have a good season. Volstad probably was never going to work out. I for one do not see why the Marlins are getting away from their traditions. Yes they have money for the first time ever, but why not keep building the farm system like they always have? Instead they sign two players who are a complete waste of money, Mark Buehrle especially. Bell will be good for those years, but not worth that much money for a guy who pitches a inning every few days. Reyes I mainly see as a guy to help put people in the seats, granted they have another SS who will probably bounce back big this year.

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