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Posted by DanD17 at Feb 10, 2012 4:33:20 AM
Re: Outing of renamed pirates is prohibited.
Well at least on the test oceans when someone name changed they remained on your hearty list. So I see this as really hard to enforce if they do take this stand.

Just thought I'd add incase it wasn't already common knowledge that this is still the case on the live oceans. You'll get messages similar to:

Suchandsuch-West was removed from your hearty list.
Suchandsuchnewname was added to your hearty list.
Suchandsuchnewname logged on.

So yeah, if people are trying to hide and that's protected by OMs, they're not going to do very well if they've got hearties online. Much better doing it the old fashioned way with a brand new pirate.


Cremate says, "skmpns"

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