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Posted by Hillsmen at Feb 3, 2012 10:28:31 AM
Re: Blokade pay -- 9999 not enough?
take cap off cade pay- Let free market capitalism rule with pay relative to the potential gain of island ownership!

take out the cancer that is poker and is killing the game (yeah, yeah, I know- without Poker the population would decrease further, blah, blah)

get people back on the oceans, have FUN and get rich the way the game originally intended.

Taking out poker almost solves your first problem. Still to keep the game as even in the pay field as possible a cap is needed.

Would you be angry if we did this "free market capitalism" and the market dictated that jobbers are only worth 500 a seg? Personally I do not think jobbers are worth paying more than 2k a seg. Especially when half are on five alts.

Free Market Capitalism sucks anyways, it doesn't even work on MMOs.

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