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Posted by Quitex at Feb 3, 2012 6:21:48 AM
Re: Bloakde pay -- 9999 not enough?
But then, if they can afford it, why not pay it? At the end is their PoE. We've seen two (three?) blockades hit 9999 during three different weekends. Pay-capping the blockades is not a good idea because different flags use different tactics to win and if a flag is not wealthy enough to blockade a large island, then, why would they?

Then again, if a flag believes an island is worth 15k/segment, why not lettem???

This effectively turns blockading into fundraising. You do not need to have good navers, a good staff, a good anything but poker players to outpay the other flag.

And if you have a poker player equal to the poker player in the other flag, they you do need good navs/staff.


Yeah. The vast majority of PoE on the ocean is held by nonpolitical people. Since blockading is the only big redistribution method, this PoE gets lost and causes inflation, but that's another story.

There are very few politically active hardcore poker players. Of the politically active, there are varying degrees of commitment. What this leaves is one or two players per ocean that can literally /autowin any island they want to, given enough time.

The current pay mechanic has created a system in which every blockading flag has to go into the blockade with planned scenario that they can be pay'd out within one round - this creates prearranged friendly blockades to avoid this scenario. These blockades can be entertaining/rewarding but aren't really competitive on the high end. However, this mechanic also ensures that the ocean must accept that a politically active, invested pokerstar WILL hold the most valuable islands, if he chooses to. Once the decision is made, dislodging said player requires a multi week, multilateral attrition campaign, which is inherently not fun for any party involved.


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